The ONE Big Reason You Need to Hire a Video Production Company

and....action! Lights are flooding the room, the talent is delivering their line and the journey to delivering your message has begun. The cogs of the production crew are turning in synchronicity. You see the lighting technicians meticulously redirecting, shaping, and coloring lights. The sound engineer listens intently to their studio headphones while monitoring the audio levels. The script supervisor overviews the script and shot sheet ensuring all the shots are covered. "CUT!", the director stops everyone in their place, "I really like the way you delivered that line, but I think if you twist it this way it'll leave a more lasting impact on the viewer...and...action!"

In today's age of video anyone and everyone with a smart phone has the potential to create a high resolution, good looking video. However, not everyone can separate themselves from the endless sea of videos living all across the web. At the start of this post I attempted to place you in the midst of the controlled chaos of a film set. Did you feel like you were there? In one paragraph, which took roughly 30-45 seconds to read you were put in the shoes of someone on set. Now imagine telling the same story in 5 seconds. Expertly crafted video has the potential to tell a story and to emotionally engage your audience in 5 seconds. Currently, it is the most powerful, engaging medium for a viewer, but...and there's a big but...It is very difficult to achieve this engagement. This begs the question: How do you achieve this engagement?

If you have never been a part of the video production process, there is a high probability you don't understand what it takes to achieve this goal of engagement. Read our "3 Phases of Video Production" to get an over arching view of the process. In terms of the crew members, here's a comprehensive list of the core production members on set:

- Director - Producer - Director of Photography - Sound Engineer - Light Technician (Gaffer) - Script Supervisor

- Production Assistant

Each of them have a specific job. They are masters at their craft, and their craft is putting all of their effort into their artistry to deliver your message. Where we come in is outfitting a production with the best members to create that engagement.

As I mentioned previously in this post, today's age of video allows anyone the potential to create a high resolution video that looks and sounds good. Because the barrier of entry to the industry has essentially eroded, a new kind of professional as emerged. They are what is called a "Shreditor". Here's an explanation of the type of professional that does this. However, When a single person takes on multiple responsibilities important details are overlooked, and all accountability is with that single individual. Why has this professional emerged? Cost. A person or duo doing this type of work will charge a modest amount compared to a production company. The trade off...craftsmanship.

What's the one big reason you should hire a video production company? Craftsmanship. In summary, the production process is more complicated than simply showing up with a camera and capturing some good footage. It's a collective of talented individuals all coming together to craft an engaging video which leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

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